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MILFs and GILFs – what's the difference and where do you meet them

The difference between the terms MILFs and GILFs

MILFs and GILFs are both older women who are interested in meeting younger men, and who are thought of as attractive and sexy in the eyes of the so-called toyboys. But what is the difference between a Milf (mother I'd like to fuck) and a Gilf (granny I would like to fuck)? The main difference is that the two fall into different age categories. MILFs are usually women over 30, while GILFs are women from about 45 years of age.

However, the term often has nothing to do with whether the women actually are mothers or grannies. After all, there are women who don't have a child at the age of 30, and there are women who have not turned into a granny by the age of 45. It simply is a loose category for attractive women who are older than the men who want to get them into their bed.

Is it a taboo if a young man is dating granny?

Societies are more or less used to older men dating younger women – you see it happening all the time, especially in the gossip magazines. It's nothing new, and hardly anybody cares about it any more, unless it is quite a scandalous age difference and there's lots of money involved. It is not exactly the same when it comes to Gilf dating. When a woman in her 40s has a boyfriend who is only in his 20s, then people talk – and the talk might not be too nice. Dating younger men is not a taboo, but people are still in the process of getting their head around it.

Where can you meet Gilfs and Milfs that are looking for younger men?

MILFs and GILFs often would like to find a younger man, either for a sexual adventure or for a serious long-term relationship. Thanks to the internet MILFs and GILFs can be found on GILF dating portals. And the older women can also browse through the profile of young, hot men who are willing to meet an older woman. On those websites, it is very easy to find the right toyboy, the right MILF, or the right GILF. Each party can look at the various profiles, and then decide whether he or she would like to contact someone on the site. It is just as easy as ordering a book online – just that your “order” from a GILF portal might include a long-term entertainment package.

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